Friday, 8 June 2012

// *** WEBSITE LAUNCH *** //


Today I am launching my new website! I've designed and put together the entire website myself (with a few html/css breakdowns along the way!!) I am really pleased with it and feeling pretty proud to have managed to put it all together on my tod! 
I've also been hidden way lately with this and creating lots of new work - and I am happy to say I really feel after many years drawing away I'm finally finding my illustration style

Now - look out for the next post with your chance to win some free stuff!


harriet gray said...

wow, hazel your new work is stunning! your new site is beautiful too, well done! x

Hazel Castle said...

Thanks Harriet!

Fiona said...

Fantastic website, clean & clear + beautiful illustrations
this must be so exciting for you!!

Hazel Castle said...

Thankyou all for the lovely comments - I appreciate all the support!