Thursday, 8 December 2011


So I finally gave in to Instagram... I was a little reluctant as I barely have enough time to blog/tweet/flickr at the moment! But it's cute and easily snappy so I've been clicking away.  
I'm certainly no photographer - you definitely need a good camera and the knowledge to be any good (I'm in fact I'm fairly terrible a taking photos! I generally just point a camera a in the direction of what I want to take a photo of) but this is a nice cheats way of taking a pretty picture and a little way of sharing what you've been up to. So here are some nice things I've seen lately. 
I'm working on lots of new work at the moment, but I may wait until the new year to share, I'm also re-designing my website (from start to finish - html nightmare!) so I'll have lots to share soon enough.
Hope everyone is feeling festive... I'm most definitely in the Christmas mood, can't wait!

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frozzz said...

hi..i really like ur artwork..
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follow please sist..;-)
u're awesome..