Tuesday, 29 November 2011


This week: Austrian based Illustrator Constanze Moll.
Well thought out composition and a wonderfully balanced colour palette. These pieces have most definitely brightened my dreary tuesday.

You can also find her on facebook

Tuesday, 22 November 2011


This weeks treats features Barcelona based artist Chamo San. These moleskine drawings are incredible. The tone is dark yet beautiful. The bold use of space and use of dark pencil set back against the white creates compelling illustrations.

You can see more work over on flickr and facebook

Wednesday, 16 November 2011


I am in love with the oil paintings by this weeks artist feature; Portland, Oregan based artist Ruth Shively.
Her oil paint technique is classic but the work produced is such contemporary innovative work. The portraiture seems to hold a running narrative and the soft focus of the application suggests light. Just beautiful work, that seems fitting for the winter we're sinking into. Stunning.

Have a look at her new work and you can even purchase an original over on esty.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011


On this gloomy tuesday (it is feeling ever so cold I think it's time to put a jumper or invest in thermal pants) I shall cheer you up with this selection of paintings by Guim Tió
This artist from Barcelona creates unique portraits using the innovative approach of using a dynamic paint palette and texture with collage. The intensity of the startlingly open eyes provide a compelling visual while allowing sense of beauty to shine out in each piece.
You can also see Guim Tió's work over on flickr.

Monday, 7 November 2011


This week I made this Owl Illustration for my brother for his 21st. What do you think? I steered away from my usual girly illustrations and decided on this. And everyone loves an owl, dont they?!

I thought I'd be a good big sister and do a little plug for my brothers band Peace. They are a four piece band from the midlands, mostly found playing gigs around the country/writing some songs/flopping their hair around. They have recently been featured in NME and The Independent and you can hear one of their songs over here with more stuff to come out soon. Enjoy in your ears and give their Facebook page a likey.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

/ / P A P E R A N D C H A I N / /

An extra special post today...
I have been eagerly awaiting being able to post about this; as two of my favourite pals have launched Paper and Chain today. Paper and chain is a jewellery company set up by two best buds; Illustrator Ismay Ozga Lawn and Jewellery Designer and Maker Naomi Jago.
Each piece is designed by the pair and Naomi hand makes it in the Paper and Chain workshop; meaning you will have a handmade piece but at an affordable price. 
I'm still trying to decide what to pick as it's all so beautiful! If you want to treat yourself / your christmas shaped family and friends with something unique, go have a peruse at the Paper and Chain shop.

Also if any of you know my face, you might have noticed the long haired poser in these shots is me!

Tuesday, 1 November 2011


An addition in my work for Audrey Grace Boutique. Not long now till the boutique opens, there will be some beautiful brands, illustration and photography. Go and like the facebook page and blog if you like to look at pretty things.
This addition is English Model and Photographer Pattie Boyd, I'm also working on a few more pieces for the lovely Jaclyn who's working super hard to get Audrey Grace Boutique together, I'll keep you posted.