Wednesday, 26 October 2011


This week's Tuesday Treats (yes I know it's Wednesday but I am a day behind myself and I like the alliteration of the T's... Wednesday just doesn't sound as nice, so I'll cheat just this once/twice (last week also!))
Anywho's the artist feature is on Artaksiniya - this illustrator has a slight air of mystery as I can't seem to find too many details, but with these works, who needs talk; as they are a delight. You can find a little more over here on the blog. The work has such a distinct style; they have a sharp edge, and creepy like humour (I'm saying this in a most positive way!) The placement and use of colour and pattern works perfectly, and the ribon motif's and small details make each work stand alone as a greta piece of art.
All in all a super talented illustrator.

ps. Sorry I've been a little quiet of late, I've been beavering away with my pencils (and to note - I am a converted mechanical pencil user) and working on various projects that I will let you in on when they come to fruittion.