Sunday, 25 September 2011

// LOVES //

Hope you're all having a lovely lazy sunday. Here are a few things I've loved this week and because I am so darned nice I thought I'd pass them along to share with you...

Beast Pieces - Is the design blog of Studio on Fire; a Design and Letterpress Studio in Minneapolis, Minnesotta. The craftsmanship and beautiful design they produce such as these business cards for Ackmann Dickenson I just love.
Designspiration - I've been addicted to trawling through the pages of image bookmarking site Designspiration, I particularly love the quality of branding images they post.
Le Fashion Image - A wonderful dose of Fashion - both street style and designer.
Seabank Selsey - I would love to go here; it's a railway carriage conversion you can stay in that's right by the sea. It's adorable!

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