Thursday, 21 July 2011


So I just found a post that I was meant to post MONTHS ago, but its was stuck in my drafts for some unknown reason! So I have decided to post it afresh today!

I was lucky enough to be a winner of the Sandra Dieckman giveaway. And I won this beautiful White Bison Print. I am absolutely in love with it! You can buy one of your very own over on etsy, her work is just stunning so go take a peep at the whole collection. And finally you can also follow her over on her Blog for more of this unique illustrator's work.


Jack Ashton-Booth said...

That's a mint piece...loving the blog Hazel. Your bringing some amazing artists to the table for others to appreciate. Best of luck and wish you constant success. Jack.x

Hazel Castle said...

Thanks Jack! I absolutely love your bird illustrations. Hope all os good with you! x

Tine Swijns said...