Monday, 28 March 2011

Heavier Than Lead Exhibition...

The launch of our 'Heavier Than Lead Exhibition' was launched yesterday at Worcester Art's Workshop; the exhibition focuses on use of pencil, figure and form. 
The work looked great and the launch on yesterday's sunny afternoon was aces!

The featured artists were Moi, one of my bestest pals Ismay Ozga , Richard Clarke , Becky Kellitt, Chris Mason, Jordan Duddy and Justin Humfreys...

(Photos Above)
1. Chris Mason
2. Becky Kellitt / Richard Clarke
3. Ismay Ozga
4. Hazel Castle

If any of you are around the little city of Worcester from now until April 22nd pop in and have a peep...

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morin zasly said...

Oh how I'd love to be there and see all the artworks. Your illustrations are so sweet and the white frames really fit your artwork. Beautiful :-)